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Antibacterial and self-cleaning additive for ceramic glazes

Cleaning your bathroom has now become easier thanks to the antibacterial and self-cleaning additive for ceramic glazes BS03-MT. It is now has been applied to our sanitary ware. 

The main aspect to be underlined about BS03-MT is that it is not an after firing coating but an additive introduced in the glaze before firing. This means that the product will stand in the ceramic mass of the glazed surface without possibility to be removed by abrasion or by cleaning chemical agents. The antibacterial effect will be endless and guaranteed for the all life of the Sanitaryware and Tiles.  

The BS03-MT is mixed in the ceramic glaze and sprayed of the ceramic articles before firing. In this way the additive will be fired inside the ceramic mass and will be impossible to remove it by abrasion. This special application system makes possible to confer to the ceramic surface an “endless” antibacterial effect that is guaranteed for the all life of the ceramic object.

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