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BS03-MT nano glaze now has been applying to CERAVI's products.


 After years of testing and experiments SETEC is finally able to offer to its customers the new antibacterial and self-cleaning additive for ceramic glazes, able to work not only for sanitary ware but now also with the ceramic tiles firing cycle. The new formulation is furthermore able to work in different conditions (not only with photocatalytic effect but also in dark circumstances) thanks to the innovative composition of different elements. Now a single product valid for all kind of glazed ceramics and ambient is offered to the market.

 This is one of the best results obtained by our Nanotech (SETEC Group) division, that every day develop and improve new solutions for the ceramic industry.

 The main aspect to be underlined about BS03-MT is that it is not an after firing coating but an additive introduced in the glaze before firing. This means that the product will stand in the ceramic mass of the glazed surface without possibility to be removed by abrasion or by cleaning chemical agents. The antibacterial effect will be endless and guaranteed for the all life of the Sanitaryware and Tiles.


BS03-MT (powder form) is an additive for ceramic glazes able to resist to the high firing temperature and that confers to the final product two properties: Antibacterial & Self Cleaning.

This double effect is due to the fact that the killing effect of organic particles is not only removing the bacteria but makes also possible to reduce the formation of the film of dirt over the ceramic surfaces, mainly made of these organic agents.

The formula on which the new BS03-MT is based is composed of different elements that make possible to have a combined effect able to work in different conditions. The combined action of the formula kills in few hours all the micro-organism living on the treated surface.

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