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After 6 years of operation, with the best efforts in production and business activities, CERAVI has brought its products to wide coverage nationwide. Owning nearly 40 distributors in more than 20 northern provinces is a clear demonstration of the relentless efforts of all employees of CERAVI Joint Stock Company on the way to becoming one of the most prestigious and top quality manufacturers of sanitary ware in Vietnam.

Bringing a brand closer to consumers is not easy, it is even more difficult to keep clients longer to decide to buy products and ready to recommend to friends right after. In order to do this, CERAVI always puts the interests of customers as the top factor to strive for on the way of development. As a result, in a short time, CERAVI sanitary ware products have conquered a lot of domestic and international customers.

CERAVI – Proud to bring consumers quality products and high-class utility.


To find out more information about CERAVI products, please contact:

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| Hotline: 1900 6685 - 0989.182.895


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