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How to choose right basins for convenient bathrooms

With various types, shapes and prices, wash-basins are designed to match various styles of bathrooms from traditional to eclectic. What is your bathroom style? Classic, metropolitan or easy? Find out wash-basins reflects your personality and style.

Factors to consider when choosing basins

Wall, inset, semi recessed, above counter, freestanding or vanity basin? It all depends on the size of your bathroom and how much room you have available. The first step to choosing a basin is to decide who will be using it. Adults, children, guests or all three? This is important when considering how many basins you need, what shape and material. If you experience the 'morning rush hour', then a double basin might come in handy. An above counter basin is perfect for an ensuite, but for the kids or family bathroom, the inset or vanity basin might be easier to use. 

In addition, are you going for a classic look, or soft-edged and organic, or perhaps something minimalist and contemporary? Your personality can be evoked clearly thanks to impressive bathroom fitting: wash basin. 

The pedestal basin

The pedestal basin looks like a suspended sink with a column added underneath to conceal the syphon and piping. If you’re going for more of a vintage or traditional look in your bathroom then the traditional basin might be the choice for you. For the more spacious bathroom, the one-piece pedestal sink is filling up spaces in bathroom.

Semi-pedestal basins

These are wall-hung, but rather than featuring a full-size pedestal include a smaller pedestal that does conceal plumbing, but does not quite reach the floor. This gives the illusion of more space, as well as making it easier to keep your bathroom floor clean. These are ideal for saving space and offer a minimalist look in your bathroom.

The hanging or suspended sink

 The hanging sink is fixed onto the bathroom wall at the desired height. This wall-hung configuration makes it aesthetic and modern, allows for easy cleaning, reduces bulk and facilitates access for those with reduced mobility. Because they aren't touching the floor they create an illusion of greater space in your bathroom, and help to make sinks fairly inexpensive and are very easy to install.

Countertop washbasins

Designed to rest on a countertop, this style demands attention. Also known as vessel basins or sit-on bowls, countertop basins are often the choice of the contemporary or minimal bathroom design. Due to its installment: sitting on top of a worktop or shelf , they are available in all sorts of stunning shapes, sizes, finishes and designs. It is ideally paired with a tall basin tap or wall mounted basin taps.

The choice of basins available nowadays is vast, from the humble pedestal basin through to the stylish sit-on bowl. You can easily find more ranges of sinks at CERAVI office or any of our authorized distributors.

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