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NanoGlaze: The Easiest Way To Keep Your Toilet Clean

One of the most common questions and concerns we get when selling toilets is “How easy is it to clean?” While most toilets these days are designed around being as easy to clean as possible, there are some toilets that are far easier to look after than others. To ensure that cleaning is as quick and painless as possible for our customers we have just introduced a range of NanoGlaze toilets. 

What Is NanoGlaze?

The NanoGlaze is a special anti-bacterial glaze that is applied to the inside of the toilet bowl during the manufacturing process that is fired on under intense heat. This glaze helps prevent the build-up of germs and other nasties on the inside of your toilet. On top of this, the glazing also acts to close up the surface of the ceramic. While all ceramic is fairly smooth, there are always small bumps on the surface, only a few nanometres apart. The glazing that is applied and the extra high heat that is used act to minimise these bumps and create the smoothest possible ceramic. This smooth finish make it possible to keep your toilet clean with just a few strokes of the brush, no need for excessive scrubbing or noxious chemicals. 

Which Toilets have NanoGlaze?

Currently, all of our One-piece toilets have NanoGlaze layer. Please note that for Two-piece toilets, Nanoglaze is available per request.

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