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Why should you choose CERAVI’s Urinal?

CERAVI’s Urinal apply advanced technology with various outstanding characteristics: water-saving  environmentally friendly flushing system, classic, luxurious but easily cleanable design. CERAVI’s Urinal  undoubtedly assures a spotless toilet and a comfort space. 

  • The Italian design of CERAVI’s Urinal exudes classics, luxury and elegance.
  • The Italian nanoglaze technology avoids the build up of germs upto 93%. CERAVI’s Urinalis stain proof and mildew proof..
  • The enclosure design ensures privacy for the end users.
  • The compact design preserves more open space and make more efficient use of land and resources.
  • The hygiene flushing function integrated prevents clogging and stagnated pipelines.
  • The flushometer or automatic flush valve will clean every corner of the urinal, leave no odour and even reduce the water consumption.
  • The modern flushing system bring the feel of ease, convenience and cleanliness to the end users.
  • CERAVI’s Urinalprovide various styles and designs from which you can choose. CERAVI’s Urinal is an user friendly and environmentally friendly.
  • Warranty: Ceramic: lifetime warranty; seat cover and fittings: 2-year warranty.

CERAVI’s Urinal is designed to be compatible with all users. CERAVI’s Urinal suits the luxury bathrooms as well as public bathrooms.

 Let’s pick CERAVI’s Urinal to enjoy the premium quality and customer service.

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Our Office: 1703 - 17T4, Hoàng Đạo Thúy, Thanh Xuân, Hà Nội
Our Factory: Tiền Hải Industrial Zone, Tiền Hải, Thái Bình
Hotline: 18006685/ 0989 389 928
Email: –

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