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CERAVI JSC., was established in 2014 by Vietnamese and Italian shareholders. We specialize in manufacturing high quality sanitary wares including toilets, wash basins, urinal-bide.... CERAVI JSC. Our factory is located in Tien Hai Industrial Area, Thai Binh and it takes up nearly 430,600 ft² (40,000 m²). The current capacity of our factory now can reach up to 550,000 pieces/yearly and we are expecting to double in one-year time.

Despite being a relatively young company in the industry, CERAVI JSC., is proud to be under the lead of a highly experienced Board of Directors as well as to be able to attract copious young, dynamic, talented and dedicated staffs. We have exported to various countries such as Australia, Korea, Russia, Kohler Company (Asian Branch) in Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar, etc. 

Some of our certificates:
- British certification EU No.305/2011
- TISI Thailand 792-2554
- PNS Philippines PNS:156
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