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  1. Conditions for receiving warranty

CERAVI is responsible for free warranty during the warranty period due to technical errors in the production process. The warranty period is calculated from the date of purchase (confirmed by warranty card or sales invoice).

Warranty period for each product:

● Sanitary ware: Permanence

● Fittings: 24 months

● Seat cover: 24 months


Channels receiving warranty information: Contact agent or sales department, Customer Service Hotline: 18006685, Email, Website, Facebook.

2. Cases where the Company has the right to refuse a warranty request

  • Warranty card lost, modified or product not in accordance with the content written on the "Warranty card"
  • Errors due to installation, use and maintenance are not correct as instructed to install and use
  • The product is damaged by transport, broken or external force
  • Problems caused by blocked drains or piping are not vented
  • Use cleaners, corrosive chemicals, hard materials or rough surfaces when cleaning to make the surface of the product stain, abrasive, scratched
  • Counterfeit or imitation products of CERAVI brand
  • Perishable parts and frequently replaced as rubber moving parts (gaskets), racks.


  1. Handling warranty claims
    Warranty requirements will be decided by the Company on the basis of valid and sufficient evidence. When requesting warranty service, you provide the following information:

● Provide the product codes purchased, date of purchase, and place of purchase

● Briefly describe the problems encountered

● Provide clear address, phone to help warranty staff come to support as soon as possible.

The warranty request information sent to the Company must be clear, indicating the product's error, demonstrating that the buyer has a reasonable basis to request a return.

Recommendation: Always re-capture the product packaging before receiving and after peeling off to keep evidence of product status, serving for handling complaints (if necessary)

Shipping in case of returning products: The buyer will pay for the return shipping fee.

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